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When you're lost in space; it's time to buy some new furniture!
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Finest Bespoke Furniuture
and Interiors !

The name “CASA MOBILIA” defines Finest Bespoke Furniture & Interiors. The brand embodies global refinement and an indigenous design sense, reflective of a contemporary & timeless design.

Casa Mobilia by Aakarshan Furniture Systems was founded in 2012 by Ankit Agarwal & Sadhna Goyal to take care of the retail end of the business of design. Casa Mobilia is the place where all high end furniture & interior design ideas can find their expression. The designer furniture store showcases unique pieces that highlight the intrinsic quality of both the traditional and a new India and hosts a truly stunning array of topical pieces in an exciting range of colours and styles which are customizable based on client requirements. Our benchmarks for quality craftsmanship coupled with design innovation makes every piece a collectable and every collection an artistic legacy.

The Casa Mobilia store epitomizes luxurious elements and experimental shapes taking life-style design to a new realm of sheer indulgence. Mr. Ankit’s collection has everything from sofas and tables, cushions, Beds and Led Units, Dinings and Buffets & anything/everything in furniture.

As Mr. Ankit puts it, ‘I have always given my imagination a free run. What emerges is really a fusion of modern and contemporary’. So one might refer to his style as a mix of tradition and today but he is happy being called a “contemporary classic”.

Ankit Agarwal’s exceptional taste and unconventional approach to design has made his one of the most sought after Furniture designers & Interior executers in India. From fabrics to furniture, home décor to curtains his designs are luxurious yet vibrant at the same time. His accomplishments can be attributed to his talent, drive, determination and a pure love for beauty in design.

Casa Mobilia by Aakarshan Furniture Systems have evolved into pioneers nationally. Ankit Agarwal’s designs encompasses an array of private and commercial projects while Casa Mobilia enhances the evolution of design with revered regular launches of awe inspiring new collections from its design studios.

The lineage of artistic influence reverberates in every project with a design philosophy focusing on innovation and sustainability while emphasizing a refined use of art, magnificent objects, patterns, strong silhouettes, textures and a sophisticated color palette, that is balanced to provide a refined original signature.

In a synopsis, Casa Mobilia endeavors to constantly better its best, and continue to be recognized as Delhi Ncr’s foremost luxury furniture & interiors brand.

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Every customer is a part of our family. We build a client for life. As clients grow, our business grows as well; as we at all times, know their needs and expectations. In our journey of last 30 years, we have never looked back and our performance has steadily improved by repeat orders from our clients and partners.Because of the consistent quality of products, our resistance to sell is, near zero. We call every customer ‘life time customer’.



Experienced Partner & Director of Operations Ankit Agarwal carries a mammoth legacy of creative excellence combined with a fearless compulsion to evolve . This mantle has been handed to him by his father & uncle, the legendary maestro of all Interior Executions. Skilled in Interior Architecture, Modern Furniture, Residential Design, Concept Art, and Commercial Interiors. The burning & restless quest to explore every medium of creative application has led Ankit Agarwal in the past 9 years , starting with Interior Execution Specialist , adding in furniture & interior design , organically evolving into a Furniture Designer & searing through graphic illustration for Residential & Commercial Spaces.

In this process, The past one decade have seen national awards & accolades, while catering to an array of elite clients such as the Jcb India, Manav Rachna Group, Bilt Group, PSP Legal advocates & solicitors, B.S Anagpuria Insittute of technology to name a few. From 1000 sq.ft. Projects scaling to mammoth Residential & Commercial spaces he has garnered himself a global presence taking his philosophy of Indigenous Luxury far & wide. An institute of designing requires at least three year curriculum but Ankit says he has dedicated the past 12 years in learning & still remains an avaricious & passionate student.

Ankit Agarwal possesses a fervent enthusiasm which is evident in the tangible energy that is felt and witnessed in his work. His love for artistic designs and creativity literally flows in his blood. His style and ideas are constantly breaking away from the traditional, the customary and the predictable. Ankit believes “A great design for me is organically Indian, but the message is fairly subliminal, and it is always contemporary, glamorous and evolving. It has a sense of fresh international glamour which is always a constant.”

For instance in residential projects, the use of muted colours and a play on space trump excessive ornamentation where there is a sense of flamboyance and glamour, but it’s toned down. Furniture in gold, silver, champagne leafing, rich fabrics both in color and texture, for example chenille, evolve the design element into a more relaxed, enchanting and classic look as opposed to the industrial modern décor witnessed in the recent past. The inheritance of culture and tastefulness can be accentuated by inlay on table tops in semi precious stones, cutwork mirror and embellished textile to integrate an old world charm into the modern living.

In order to get an Indian flavor to a décor one doesn’t necessarily have to pick up ethnic Indian items of décor it is really a question of fragrance, and fragrance can come in through color. Indian décor is packed with youthful energy, complimented with free movement of varying forms, prints and vibrant colours that amalgamate into ones personality.

Good collection of home as well as office furniture is available at this shop.Dealing staff is well behaved.The rates of the shop are on the higher side.Limited parking facility outside the showroom.

Kill Bill

They have got decent variety of office furniture in display which made my job very easy to select my office furniture. Must visit for any furniture requirement.

Aradhana Rawat

I had the requirement for some workstations for my office & they did the job brilliantly with perfect finishes. Highly recommend Aakarshan Furniture Systems at tikona park for Furniture requirements.

Ashwani Kaushik
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